Battle of the… Foundations!

battle of the foundations 1   Who doesn’t love an amazing foundation? For me it’s one of my favourite makeup products so today I’ve decided to continue the ‘Battle of the…’ series here on Blonde Amy by comparing the four foundations I reach for the most and let you know how they compare and whether you should splurge or save when it comes to choosing your next foundation.

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Mac Studio Fix in NC15 / This high end and full coverage foundation is one of the best foundations I have ever used in order to achieve a completely flawless finish. As you can see in the above swatch it does appear a little more yellow in tone than the others, but I suffer from having a redder face than the rest of my body therefore this cancels that out whilst remaining natural on my skin, despite looking like it’d make me a Simpson. I used this only for night outs and special occasions as it is quite thick and despite doing a fantastic job at eliminating pores when wearing it, it does make them larger the next day as they struggle to breathe. I feel like everyone I know that is into makeup has this foundation and for good reason, it makes your skin looks completely flawless by covering any imperfections and making skin look smooth. I fell in love when I had just a sample of the product (read that post here) and this will be a foundation I’ll continue to repurchase because it does a frickin’ amazing job. I’ve been very curious to see how this compares to the Estee Lauder Double Wear so do let me know if you’ve tried both!

Borjouis Healthy Mix in Light Vanilla / In my March Favourites video (here should you be curious) I raved about this little fella and I have JUST RAN OUT – not that I need an excuse to hurry down to Boots as I need to stock up PRONTO. This has been my every day foundations for the last few months and I not only love the coverage it gives (medium but build-able to full) but remains light on the skin. I find it compares so much to the previous Mac one, but one you can wear every day as it doesn’t open up pores or break you out. I have combination skin and can often struggle with some drugstore foundations but this is seriously the best one on the high street. It’s incredibly hyped and for a great reason too – I’ll be buying these in bulk cos they’re so damn ah-maaaa-zing. Go try it out, now, like right now.

Mac Face and Body in C1 / This was my first Mac foundation and it was love at first sight. It is costly however you get a huge 120ml from this bottle, so considering you usually get 30ml in a bottle, this is actually very good for the money plus delivers very well. If you don’t like water based foundations, you probably won’t love this, but for me I used this all throughout the summer last year and know I will be this year too as it’s a very light coverage foundation that with more layers you can build it up and I’d even say you’d get a great medium coverage from it. I laaaaaav it because it’s so light, so versatile and perfect for all year. I don’t use BB creams and I’m not sure why, but this for me is perfect for the summer. See my full review here.

L’Oreal True Match in Rose Vanilla / This is the product before it has been reformulated because I only use this when I’m tanned and well.. I’ve not had a tan since October so it’s been pretty neglected but it is a gooden nonetheless. It has more red tones than the others as being pale means my natural tan doe shave pinker undertones. I do have to add bronzer to add dimension and almost set the foundation to ensure it doesn’t enhance the redness too much but I used to use my standard skin colour in this and didn’t love it like others did. I mean, it’s a very good foundation and the shade range is incredibly impressive, but the consistency wasn’t my favourite from the drugstore.

So there we have my top four foundations at this moment in time. My love for the Borjouis one is incredible for every day and it’s hard to pick a favourite because I use them all on different occasions, but I definitely don’t love the L’Oreal one as much as most which is a shame as I really wanted too, but instead fell head over hills over Healthy Mix by Borjouis, it’s phenomenal and really competes with my high end foundations. Mac face and body is however probably the most versatile of them all and will get you through summer to winter with its light consistency but the ability to build it up to a desired coverage. Mac Studio Fix will remain my favourite ‘best’ foundation however, so if flawless is what you’re after.. go and try it out! I love foundations and love experimenting with which look best in different circumstances.

What foundations have you been loving at the moment? Have you tried any of the above? Let me know!

Amy x

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