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Blending sponges are one of those tools I never used about a year ago and now they’re my ride or die kind of applicator. I have so many different brushes for blending foundation but I seem to go back to my sponges for a completely flawless finish so to continue the ‘Battle of the…’ series here on Blonde Amy, I’m focussing on three different blending sponges currently on the market and is it better to save or splurge?

#1) Beauty Blender | £16

beauty blender review

I never imagined a cult following could be so real for a sponge before I began blogging. Everyone seems to have this sponge and curiosity got the better of me as I hit ‘buy now’ online. I genuinely checked my emails as this arrived as I thought I had accidentally ordered a mini version as it was much smaller than I imagined, that said, everyone recommended running it under a tap to dampen the sponge and that is where I saw it triple in size. I thought people were lying by how it would transform to a larger sponge and I was shocked. To touch it was very soft both small and large and it blended out foundation effortlessly. I kind of wanted to dislike it at its £16 price tag, but I now see why the hype is so real for this tiny little guy.  It really does a fantastic job at making foundation look natural and ever since having this, I can’t say I’ve picked up a foundation/buffing/stippling brush as this does the job of them if not better.

#2) Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge | £5.99

real techniques blending sponge review

I owned this sponge before I owned the Beauty Blender and was sure I’d never splurge out on it’s expensive competitor as I believed this done such an amazing job, watching Youtube videos comparing the two trying to convince myself this was enough. Of course I caved and soon realised this simply did not do as well as the original Beauty Blender. I like the fact it has the flat side for large areas of the face but to be honest, I don’t feel like I miss it when using my other sponges without it. It feels much harder than the other two sponges when damp. It also stains very easily, a problem I’ve not had with the Beauty Blender as I’ve seemed to get that back to looking as good as new for these images with a mix of bar soap and baby shampoo. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re in the market for a new blending sponge – I know that is an unpopular opinion – but both the others in this post perform much better.

#3) Makeup Revolution Pro Blend Sponge | £4.99

makeup revolution blending sponge review

When I first got this product I kind of wrote it off before giving it a proper try – it felt quite hard and didn’t feel anything like the Beauty Blender and so I presumed it wouldn’t perform based on those first impressions. That said, my mum taught me never to judge a book by its cover and I ran this under a tap to dampen the sponge before applying my foundation and was literally taken back by how it genuinely doubled in size just like the Beauty Blender. If I ever did see a dupe done so well it’s this – for less than a third of the price, you get the qualities of the Beauty Blender (it’s soft feel, it’s increase in size and its performance for less than a fiver) – I really don’t think you can complain.

I’d definitely say if you have the money to splurge on the original Beauty Blender, go for it, it’s an incredible tool that makes base makeup look incredibly natural and flawless. However, if you’re looking to save money, and to be honest I don’t think a lot of compromising is involved, go for the Pro Blend Sponge by Makeup Revolution. It is a complete dupe and a dupe done so well I’m impressed, I always thought that the technology in the Beauty Blender would be impossible to mimic but Makeup Revolution have done an amazing job.

Have you tried any of these? What are your verdicts? Let me know!

Amy x

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