Artis oval 7 brush review

If you follow me on Instagram you’d have seen me share the new addition to my makeup brush collection a few months ago but I recently realised I hadn’t reviewed this coveted brush in great depth. The Artis Oval 7 Brush ; you’ve all heard about it, you’ve all probably made up your opinion and you’ve no doubt confused it for a toothbrush on Instagram more than once. Is it worth the hype? See my Artis oval 7 brush review below.Artis oval 7 brush review

Packaging: This has luxury written all over it – the box it comes in, the silver handle, the quality of the bristles – everything. Even to look at, it is a dream. I have decided to ditch presenting it in the box and have it on show in my brush holder and it definitely becomes pride of place. It’s a beauty there is no denying, it feels sturdy with its metal handle and it feels high quality.

Application: As a fanatic beauty blender lover, I was sceptical to try a brush. This was a gift and otherwise I’d have probably hesitated on the basis it isn’t a beauty sponge. I was pleasantly surprised by just how alike application was to my beauty blender, giving a flawless result. The brush is so soft on the face, I’d have to agree with the dozens of online influences that claim it feels like velvet because it is true. I dot my foundation around my face and blend that way, it does it so quickly without looking patchy. Even if you’re not a brush lover, I know you’d be pleasantly surprised by this. This Artis oval 7 brush review is already pretty positive, isn’t it?

Size: This is slightly smaller than I had imagined but I love it for its size – it is big enough to blend a whole face of foundation quickly whilst being small enough to have precision with bronzer, blush, contour, highlight ect. If you’re unsure which one to get, I’d say this is a brilliant multi purpose tool that will work with just about any product. I much prefer applying water-based products with this than my beauty blender as this does not absorb much product as all, giving you a much better coverage with the same amount of product. Winner.

Price: At £48 this is a pricey beast which puts a lot of people off, but so many dupes claim to do the same yet none I have found that are cheaper have bristles as dense or as soft as these. You really don’t need a whole set in my opinion, just one that can do it all and more with this one.

Cleaning: With a cleaner dedicated to the Artis brushes I was anxious about cleaning it myself, but I thought I’d give it a go. There was no need to worry, using anti-bacterial spray, baby shampoo and even soap lifts the product out of this easily and it dries very quickly meaning you’ll be good to go for the next day. Don’t be fooled in thinking you need to splash out.

Artis oval 7 review

In short, I think this is definitely worth the hype. I remain curious about how dupes compare, but know that they’ll never quite perform as well as this. It is a splurge, but with such amazing results I believe it is so worth it and well worth the money to achieve a gorgeous finish for your face products.

Have you tried it out before? I hope this Artis oval 7 brush review has helped decide whether you want to splurge on this coveted item.

Amy x

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