Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit (that glow) review

I love being a blogger however it has some of negatives in the form of believing you want need any new release by a high end brand. Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) has now released a tribe of Glow Kits suitable for any skin tone and with this I was regularly reminded I still didn’t own this palette promising to convert me to a human disco ball. I had to change this immediately. I had been waiting to get the glow kit in that glow and when an email told me it was back in stock on Beauty Bay (for about five minutes it seems) I didn’t hesitate for a minute in adding it to my collection. Continue reading to see my Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit (that glow) review!

Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit (that glow) review

Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit (that glow) review

Colour: There is no denying that the colours in this palette are extremely versatile and damn right gorgeous. Sunburst and Dripping in Gold are my go too highlights whereas I have used Bubbly as a blush topper to give a gorgeous glow to a hint of colour on my cheeks and Golden Bronze makes for a beautiful bronzer especially in the summer where you prefer your makeup look to reflect light instead of being completely matte. They also make for gorgeous eye shadows too that will suit any skin tone, although giving different finishes for all, will guarantee a beautiful glow.

Pigmentation: Wow. The below image shows just how pigmented these bad boys are which is a reason for the beauty world to explode on their launch. ABH claims these provide a ‘glow from within’ finish but I have to disagree, these provide more of a ‘YOU CAN’T IGNORE ME’ finish. It’s not exactly natural but who cares? Sorry Rihanna, shining like a diamond won’t cut it any more. It transfers from pan to cheek beautifully too – true to colour (for my pale, nc15 skin) and look gorgeous.

Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit (that glow) review

Longevity: These highlighters last an awfully long time whilst still being able to see them as I remove my makeup at night. A common problem I have with all highlights, not just these, is that they make my pores look massive even when my pores aren’t. If you have any highlighter recommendations or powders that don’t have this finish I’d love to know!

Packaging: The packaging is okay, but not good. It’s cardboard packaging makes it vulnerable when travelling. In postage one of the corners came slightly indented, not a big deal but shows it is not as sturdy as it could be for the price. That said, the pans are removable (which is one of my favourite things about this packaging) meaning you can pop them in a Z palette or something similar. Also means if you have a favourite you can  replace it or I’ve even seen people buy a palette and have two colours each. I wish more companies did this!

Glow kit review

I’m delighted with the amount of product you get for £39 and know this will last for a very long time, helping UFO’s see me, like a lighthouse out at sea. I am conscious about how my pores appear when I have highlight applied and would love to know your tricks on making them appear smaller. If you’re in two minds whether to add this to your collection I have a simple answer: yes! It’s the only highlight palette you could ever need. I’ve seen people collect all of the ABH glow kits and other than satisfaction I believe you would only need one for all of your highlight needs.

Have you been eyeing up any of the glow kits? Which colour catches your eye? Thanks for reading my Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit (that glow) review all!

Amy x

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