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To say I have been stressed out the past few weeks is a bit of an understatement. I’ve packed my old flat up, moved 300 miles, started a job, left that job, got another new job and now have a new house all in less than two months. We often hear the message that stress has a negative impact on our minds and bodies, but research suggests (and I have found out) that brief spells of stress can actually be helpful to our well-being. Stress increases adrenaline and cortisol levels in the body meaning our ‘fight or flight’ instincts kick in making us ready to respond physically or mentally to whatever is coming our way and motivating us to succeed, which I believe I have done in the recent months. Problems arise when prolonged periods of stress take their toll, so learning some alternative techniques on how to deal with stress can be vital to staying healthy and balanced. I have managed to avoid my anxiety throughout this and I’m bloody proud of myself so I wanted to share with you how I overcame these moments where I could have developed anxiety but instead self-sufficiently overcame obstacles successfully and I hope these help you too!


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Aromatherapy and massage can give a huge relaxation boost to both body and mind during stressful times. You know if you’ve read my blog my love for candles. Additionally, essential oils can influence mood in subtle ways, but not all oils have the same effect on everyone. Lavender is possibly the most common anxiety-beating fragrance, but can be totally repelling to some people, it’s a marmite kind of product. That said I love it in candles and pillow sprays but sometimes they can smell artificial and I want to avoid that. Rose geranium can be a real ‘pick-me-up’ if you are feeling a little depressed, making you feel calmer throughout the day, with bergamot having a similar refreshing effect. Drinking chamomile tea can counter the effects of anxiety and be a real antidote for sleeping disorders. Combining scents with massage is one sure-fire way of completely relaxing both body and mind, but if you are constrained by lack of time or money, taking a soothing soak in therapeutic mineral bath salts can be an easy way to turn down the tension levels whilst re-invigorating the skin for a super healthy glow. I can’t wait to have a bath again in my new house as this is one of my favourite ways to chill out and reflect on the positive changes that have been made.

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Meditation has long since been a core practice in Eastern cultures, with mindfulness – learning to focus your attention entirely on the moment – being the contemporary take on ancient meditation. Learning and practising a few meditation techniques can be incredibly helpful in combating stress by allowing the body and mind to relax, releasing tension that causes skin to dry and wrinkle by loosening the muscles around the face. Yoga can be the perfect way to combine the relaxation of meditation with the intensely positive psychological lift gained from the endorphin release of exercise. Any regular exercise, including the briefest of walks, can enhance your mood, with the added bonus that the toxins we get rid of when sweating make for truly glowing skin! Being in Devon makes this incredibly easy and so enjoyable.

When everything just gets too much, it can help to find a little direction in life, pin down exactly what may be causing you stress and decide on the best course of action to get control over your problems. This is where tarot can give you some positive messages or inspiration to get out of a rut and start to move things forward to potentially find new beginnings. Tarot can help you assess if you have been over doing things and alert you to signs of stress meaning you can mindfully look to using some these tried and tested relaxation techniques. It’s a little unique but why not? Anxiety is the worst and it’s great to find new ways to over come this. We have to look after number one in times like this!

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How do you overcome stress and avoid your anxiety getting on top of you? Let me know!

Amy x


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