Lets just clarify two things right here: yes, I am blonde, and yes, my name is Amy. Quite frankly, it would make for a very awkward blog if I was brunette and called Linda or something, right?

So yes, this is my little space online to share with you pretty much anything and everything I want to share with you all ranging from beauty reviews to lifestyle updates and pretty much everything in between. I am definitely looking to incorporate more topics into my blog and I’m constantly seeking inspiration in my everyday life, especially since having a baby.

So many people ask me “what encouraged you to start up your own blog?” and honestly? I had been reading a variety of different blogs for years before taking the plunge to create my own as I love how passionate and honest bloggers can be often compared to mass media. Through this, I felt like I could really trust a bloggers response to a product/trend/event and was truly inspired to give it a good go myself. I suck at being confident which is definitely why ‘Blonde Amy’ wasn’t born sooner (despite my regret) but I have never looked back since. Having had this website since March the 4th 2015 (feel free to send celebratory items or eat cake with me in mind), I could not imagine my life without it. My blog is like a child, I have quickly seen it develop from strength to strength and with such an amazing support team around me, I definitely won’t be stopping anytime soon (sorry to those that were hoping differently). Also a shoutout to the wonderful brands that I’ve worked with both on my blog and on my YouTube channel, I still have *pinch me* moments that they’ve recognised little old me.

Even since blogging for only a short period of time since the big names already out there, I have many fellow bloggers asking me for blogging tips, how to find inspiration, how to use a DSLR to capture higher quality images and how I use social media effectively to gain followers and traffic to my blog as well as how SEO can be optimized – and quite frankly, that seems surreal but equally flattering at the same time. I love helping others out, from those just starting out to those lacking a little inspiration. I am by no means a professional but I take it as a sign I’m doing something right… I hope.

Last little mention of what my current stance is in life. I have just welcomed my baby girl, Heidi, into the world. It still feels weird saying that on my blog as Blonde Amy began whilst I felt down at Uni and I used this website as a way of being creative and projecting positively. I am also an Account Manager at a local marketing agency, where I have been able to use skills that I first learnt by blogging into a career which if you think about it, is pretty neat. I live in a beautiful town surrounded by beautiful beaches with my fiance and baby girl and I truly couldn’t be more content.


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