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I read a very similar post not too long ago and thought the idea of writing a A-Z about yourself is an amazing way to let people know weird and wonderful facts about yourself. For me, I love learning about the person behind the blog they write, and thought this post would do exactly that for you all. I’m really excited to share this A-Z with you and hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it out!

Ame, Amz, Aims, A Pats, A, Ami – just a few nicknames I get called on a near everyday basis.
Bacon is my bae.
Cadburys is the BEST – the popping candy one is the best but classic is ah-mazzz-ingggg.
Dentist is still my biggest phobia, even at 21, my dad always has to come with me.
Ellie Goulding is pretty much my idol, I adore everything about her.
Farms – it’s a myth people from Devon love Farms – I hate the smell and the environment. Too high maintenance.
Geography was probably my worst subject at school, I didn’t know where anything was and my teacher was so scary!
Home will always be in Devon and I can’t wait to move back end of May!
Ilford (Essex) was where I was born and then we moved to Devon when I started Year 3 (Junior School).
Jessica is the name of my only sibling, she can be a pain but I would do anything for her.
Keeping myself happy – that way, I’ll never regret any decisions on the basis they made me happy at the time!
Love is the most important thing to me.
Marketing is my dream career and I hope to get into it ASAP after I graduate.
Netball is a sport I always done at school and miss so much – Goal Keeper because IM REALLY TALL!
Oakie is my dogs name, she is a Border Collie, she’ll be 11 in November (she’ll beginning to show her age – sigh).
Pugs! I’m one of those people that dream of a black Pug and can’t wait to finally buy one as soon as I can.
Quality over quantity always.
Richard has made me realise how falling in love with your best friend is the most wonderful thing in the world.
Sunflowers are  my favourite flowers, they’re so happy and pretty (would love a tattoo of them, but far too scared)
Two A*s and a B at A Level – Everyone just thinks I’m stupid (Is it really still a blonde thing?!)
UV lamp is essential when I do my nails – I cant get on with nail polish, it has to always be gel!
Velcro used to be my favourite thing as a child.
Wasps and Bees are my biggest fear – did run like a loony on mine and Rich’s first day to avoid one #sorrynotsorry
X-ray – never ever had one in my life!
You will only accept the love you think you deserve – a quote I have and will always love.
Zero confidence – I wish you could buy some from eBay ‘cos I’d love to bid one some!

That was genuinely so much fun and it’s been a long time since I’ve written a post like this! I’m also going to be posting a 50 Facts About Me video on my Youtube channel in the VERY near future so be sure to subscribe to that here if you’re curious to know anything else about me. I recommend everyone to try to write an A-Z about yourself, as not only do I love reading interesting things about people you wouldn’t ordinarily know but it was also really funny (and quite difficult) to think about something for each letter.

Do you guys enjoy posts like this? Do you have anything else you would like to know about me? Let me know in the comments!

Amy x

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