A Huge Nyx Haul!

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Nyx is one of those highly coveted brands that everyone and their dog is raving about and I realised I was yet to own ANY of their products so a huge nyx haul was well in order. I went a little OTT but I had created a long list of products I wanted to try out so this haul is letting you know what I nabbed up and my first impressions of all of the products that have found their way into my life.

Side note – I had originally ordered these products form Boots Online however their website had somehow mixed up my address and the products had to be returned to them. Royal main told me they were being returned but told Boots they had been delivered, a few weeks later than planned, I got a refund and found a Boots store in London with a Nyx counter. Boots were really great at resolving the issue, so kudos to them. It was a bit annoying but swatching the products is always something I recommend before buying so it was probably karma for me being lazy – ha!

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Micro brow pencil/ what encouraged me to reach for Nyx products now was that I really wanted to try Anastasia Brow Wizz but heard by many beauty gurus on Youtube that the Micro Brow was a complete dupe. Eyebrow pencils don’t last very long when using them daily so I was sure to try these out to save myself dollar in the long run! I picked up the Micro Brow in the colour blonde, with its spooly (just like the ABH one) and the thinner pencil is perfect for my thin brows in achieving a more natural look. I picked up two of these, oops. The colour is a spot on match for my roots right now.

Auto eyebrow pencil / I also picked this up as it was available in Taupe which is better for me when I silver shampoo the hell out of my hair to dull out the warm tones, making it cooler. The pecil is a bit thicker than the Micro Brow and the brush is definitely not something I would use but it resembles the ABH Brow Definer and for a cooler brow this is going to amazing I can tell. Really excited to try this out.


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Soft matte lip creams / I’m a SUCKER for liquid lipsticks right now. Seriously, I’m obsessed. I have not heard a bad review of the soft matte lip creams so I picked up four of them after swatching them in store. The colours are all named after cities and my colours of choices are: Copenhagen (the dark purple), Monte Carlo (the red), Antwerp (the lighter pink) and San Paulo (the darker pink) and they are all stunning. I can’t wait to wear the pinks in the spring and I’m partial to a red and dark lip all year round. Can’t wait to wear these!

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Eyebrow gel / back to brows of course because a girl can never have enough brow products. I have heard this is longer lasting than the ABH dipbrow pomade which is my only bane of the product as I find it wears away throughout the day! The blonde is a really perfect match for me and my pale brows, the swatch is with a very hand mind, with a brush this feathers out much more lightly but does dry super quick. Not only that it dries super super quickly which can be a positive and negative. I’m so intrigued and you get so much product for the money – very excited to trial it out.

nyx haul 12

Tinted brow mascara / last but not least another brow addition and again this thing has been crazy talked about on the realms of YouTube it seemed only right I picked this up to try it out for myself. Again I picked this up in Blonde and it’s light tint is even lighter than my Makeup Revolution product that featured in my January Favourites so I have really high hopes.

I can’t wait to try these out and see if they’re worth the hype they get. I love a brand that offers dupe products for high end products at a much cheaper price and I have to see what they’re all about!

Did you want a in-depth review of any of these products? Or do you have any Nyx products you’d recommend adding to my collection? Let me know in the comments!

Amy x

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