8 Things Bloggers Are Sick Of.

Todays post – 8 Things Bloggers Are Sick Of – has been inspired after having a very unfortunate discussion with a brand that emailed me stating they “don’t care about the time and effort bloggers put into posts” after asking if they had a budget in mind for the post, it made me realise there are so many things bloggers have to put up with that I would love to stop if I could.

8 Things Bloggers Are Sick Of

#1 / PLEASE STOP: Asking to work for free.

This expectation is one I face daily. I am all for reviewing a product that I would have normally purchased myself (then the item definitely saves me money and both parties benefit from the collaboration) and I have done many review where I have not received a payment as I was genuinely excited for a product. I also took every opportunity I could at the start of my blogging days to build up my contacts and I’d certainly not recommend you begin negotiating a deal when you’re blog has only a handful of posts. However, when your DA begins to grow and your social media following becomes notable a free review should not be expected. I spemd hours on each post I write; testing out the product (over the course of a month before reviewing in great length), taking images, writing the post, re-editing and proof reading and then advertising when it goes live. For brands to expect this to all be completed for free is beginning to become a pain. The national living wage is £7.20 an hour – we all also have bills to pay. Also had a brand offer me £1 once. I’ll just leave that there.

#2 / PLEASE STOP: Making us chase payment(s).

Not all brands are guilty of the previous and I’ve worked with many that respect the work bloggers put in to posts, see a return in working with influencers online and are happy to offer a settlement for your hard work. Amazing. I have also had brands however never pay me for a post they have agreed with – that is simply unprofessional. I will not publish a post now until I have received an agreed payment but you would not do it to other people so why do they think they can fob off bloggers? I know I’m not the only one and it’s becoming a proper pain. I can’t stress not all brands are like this and many are fantastic, but there have definitely been a handful I’d never work with again.

#3 / PLEASE STOP: Getting too competitive.

I love other blogs and the whole reason I began my blog was because of the influences I had before I began my own. So can everyone on Twitter stop getting so competitive with one another and remember why you began it?! I’ve seen a lot of people being put down on social media because they’re made to feel like their blog isn’t good enough. Please don’t listen to anyone and continue creating something you have passion for. Don’t believe you’re doing badly as someone just got a collaboration with a brand you were dying to try out. Keep it going. Work hard and good things will follow, I promise.

#4 / PLEASE STOP: Asking me to buy followers.

I don’t know who the companies are, but it does my head in opening my inbox to another email asking if I want to buy “100% REAL FOLLOWERS” – no. I have worked so god damn hard in building my connections up and my god has it been a very slow process but I’m so happy with the following on my social media accounts and love they are all genuine people with genuine interests in my content. I will never buy followers to make me feel good because at the end of the day, you’ll know they’re fake and what is the satisfaction in that? If you do/are considering buying followers – why? – they won’t engage with your content or provide any benefit to you. I’d rather have 10 followers that engage than 1000 that are social media ghosts. I have a post on how I doubled my Instagram followers here – it doesn’t take a lot to up your social profile, but it does take time.

#5 / PLEASE STOP: Sending Auto DMs.

Now this is one of my BIGGEST peeves on Twitter and I’m beginning to see if on Instagram too – Automated messages when you follow someone. I follow someone who I believe has wonderful content, is a great influence or because we have similiar interests. Please don’t make me unfollow you after getting an annoying message. It isn’t personal and definitely won’t encourage me to visit your blog/channel/business. I’m all up for sending a thank you message to someone for their support, but don’t make a generic one to everyone because it is so annoying.

#6 / PLEASE STOP: Sending me Infographics.

I have never posted an infographic on my blog. Never will either. Please stop.

#7 / PLEASE STOP: Commenting just your links.

I adore comments on my blog, in fact they’re my favourite thing about blogging as you can interact with someone with a similiar interest and honest your comments make my day and drive my motivation to keep going. I’m not talking about those. I’m talking the sorts where people say “Great Post! *leaves links to blog and all other social media platforms* – I know most of these people have not read even a sentence of my post, and are doing it in the hope it drives traffic to their site. It’s annoying. Please stop.

#8 PLEASE STOP: Asking if I’m trying to be Zoella.

When I’ve told aquanences/friends/family I have began a blog (and a Youtube channel) they ask if I’m trying to be Zoella. Not at all. I’m trying to be Blonde Amy – myself, with my content, but also online. Zoella is a huge influence to so many people and she’s done a frickin’ amazing job of getting to where she is today and she is definitely a huge influence to anyone with a blog/Youtube channel, but are so many other online success stories that prove how blogging/vlogging has developed into a very successful industry. I am being 100% me when I create content and would like to stop being asked “if I’m just trying to be Zoella”.

So there we have the 8 Things that I would love to change about the world of blogging could I wave a magic wand. I’m sure I’m not alone and would love for you all to let me know what factors you agree with plus add anything you are sick of in the comments as I’m sure you won’t be alone!

Also to let you know my posts next week will be changing – I’ll be beginning to post three times a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday and a new Video will be going live on my Youtube Channel on Sundays. All will be posted at 8.30am BST.

Amy x

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