9 ways to use Inglot Duraline

The Inglot Duraline has quickly become a staple in my collection and is a product that has so many different uses that I wasn’t aware of until I began using it. Today I’m sharing 9 ways I use Inglot Duraline and why it’s a product I can’t live without.

Inglot Duraline

1. Turn eyeshadow into eyeliner

I’d scrape a tiny amount of eyeshadow powder onto a mixing slab (or onto a surface that is clean) and mix a few drops of Inglot Duraline to create a liquid product that can then be used as eyeliner. It does make light shades s little darker in the process but makes eyeliner options never ending. Inglot Duraline is also waterproof so it’s long lasting!

2. Revive dried up products

Now I’m looking at my Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade specifically here, but it works for a multitude of products that have dried up over time. Literally, a tiny drop of Inglot Duraline can bring it back to life and make any formula creamy again. I’ve used this for my dipbrow pomade, MAC paint pot, dried up mascaras and more. This really does help to save so much money in the long run by prolonging the life of products.

3. Intensifies eyeshadows

I use a teeeeeeeeeeeeeeny tiny amount of the Inglot Duraline on a brush to make eyeshadow colours more intense. This works in the same way MAC fix+ combines with the shadow to intensify pigment but Inglot Duraline is much cheaper than fix+ and lasts so much longer too.

4. Thin foundation/concealers

Add a few drops of Inglot Duraline to foundations or concealers that are too thick for you or a little too hard to spread for a more breathable formula without compromise on coverage.

5. As an eyeshadow base

You’re probably thinking ‘wtf?’ but hear me out. I apply a tiny amount on my eye and it created a beautiful base for my eyeshadows, not only to help them last all day, but it also helps to intensify the colour. The formula of Inglot Duraline means it doesn’t crease at all. So happy I accidentally discovered this little trick as I’ve used it non-stop since.

 6. Foil shimmer eyeshadows

I love a shimmery lid but find a lot of formulas don’t quite pack the punch. I mix a small amount to a shimmer shade to get a foiled shimmer that has an insane intensity and lasts all day long. When I use this with even my Morphe eyeshadows, I always get questions if I’m using a product like the Stila magnificent metals. Such a money saver!

7. Glitter glue

Similiar to how I use it as an eyeshadow base, Inglot Duraline can also be used as a glitter glue to hold glitter or pigment securely. You need to be quick with it, but I’ve found it to be a fail-safe option for when I’m going for a dramatic look and have nothing else to hand.

8. Add vibrancy to lipstick

You can add Inglot Duraline to any lipstick to help it last longer on the lips as well as make the colour more vibrant. The paraben-free formula of Inglot Duraline also makes lipstick smudge-proof. It’s nothing short of wizardry, but you’ll be hooked when you try it once and see the difference it can make.

9. Make any powder product a cream

If you have found the perfect blush or bronzer shade (or any powder product for that matter) but prefer cream-based products, Inglot Duraline is here to help. Use the same process as turning eyeshadow into eyeliner and you can transform, say, your favourite contour powder product into a more intense, cream version of itself. Plus you have its original powder self to set down without the worry it won’t match.

All these uses and see how little of the product I have used in the above image – this little fella is going to last me years and years! Plus the dropper applicator is so easy to control the product. I ordered my Inglot Duraline from an Inglot shop via Amazon as it’s a little too hard to get hold of in the UK. I believe I paid around £10, which is much cheaper than MAC’s mixing medium. Inglot Duraline itself is a water-free clear product so you won’t find it separating with oil-based products. It’s a versatile product that I believe every makeup artist/enthusiast needs in their collection.

How do you use Inglot Duraline? Let me know below!

Amy x

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