5 Ways To Get Longer Lashes

Long, luscious lashes is a beauty trend that’s here to stay but achieving a fluffy end result is not as easy as it looks. I’ve tried my fair share of products and techniques to make my eyelashes pop and I wanted to share them with you in todays post.

Create the illusions of longer lashes with makeup

A bit of makeup could be all you need to accentuate those lashes. Start by applying some eyeliner under your eyelashes (learning a little technique called tight-lining can be a great way to make those lashes pop, but requires a steady hand). Adding mascara can then help to make your lashes look fuller. Try to avoid mascara clumping if you can by doing a few thin coats instead of going in with a heavy hand.

Try curling your lashes

Another way to make your eyelashes look longer is to curl them. Eyelash curling can seem a little scary if you’ve never attempted it before, but with the right tools, it can actually be pretty easy. This guide at Charlotte’s Universe offers some great advice on using an eyelash curler if you’re a novice. Curling your eyelashes isn’t something you should do every day, but it could be great for adding that flutter effect on special occasions and can really make a dramatic difference.

Use oils and serums to promote growth

Oils and serums can help to promote natural growth, making your lashes physically longer. Many of these oils work by hydrating the lashes. This stops them getting dry and brittle and keeps them healthy and long. There are so many of these oils and serums on the market to choose from, which you can shop for online or in your local drugstore.

Keep your lashes clean

Keeping your lashes clean is vital for keeping them healthy and long. Never sleep with mascara on (or any makeup for that matter!) – always wash it off the night before with a specific eye makeup remover (as they are much more gentle on the eyes as they can be a very sensitive area.) Make sure to clean your eyelashes with care by running them slowly through your fingers. Eyelash conditioners can be great for using after washing. You can find selections of these conditioners at sites like KimiBeauty. This might also be the time to add oils to your lashes.

Use fake lashes

Fake lashes are a popular and fast way to get results, however making them look natural is a skill. Most celebrities use fake lashes, but often have stylists that they can rely on to make them appear real. Getting them to look natural often involves curling them and doing a bit of trimming – this guide at Makeup Geek offers some great tips on making fake lashes look real. Of course, if you’re willing to pay a little bit more, getting eyelash extensions could be another option (although good, russian extensions tend to be £75!). Eyelash extensions also require a lot of TLC including watching how you sleep and refraining from rubbing your eyes, which some people may find too much work. I loved having eyelash extensions but I did have to go in for infills every 2/3 weeks which can make it an expensive habit.

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