5 Ways To Achieve Whiter Teeth

Who doesn’t desire pearly white teeth? A number of bad habits can cause our teeth to get discoloured, however, it’s still possible to return them to their original shiny white self. In today’s post, I’m sharing five ways to achieve a whiter smile including some very basic considerations you may not have realised can alter the hue of your smile.

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Improve your brushing regime

A good brushing regime will help to keep your teeth free of plaque. We should all be brushing our teeth morning and night for two minutes at a time. When brushing, try to use small circular actions and point the brush diagonally towards the root of the tooth. Be wary that it is possible to brush too hard – this can remove the enamel and reveal the dentin beneath (this dentin is yellow in colour and often mistaken for plaque).

Upgrade your toothpaste

There are a number of specialised whitening toothpastes on the market that can help to restore a white hue to your enamel. Baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and activated charcoal are just some of the ingredients found in such toothpastes that can help to remove plaque or even bleach the enamel as in the case of hydrogen peroxide. It’s even possible to make your own DIY toothpastes as found in this guide at Wellness Mama. Some heavy duty toothpastes may only be safe to use once every week or once every two weeks – overuse could damage your enamel, so read up on this first.

Try other whitening products

There are other whitening products beyond toothpastes that you can use to help brighten your teeth. These include whitening strips and whitening chewing gum. There are even clip-on veneers now available as supplied by companies such as Instasmile that can provide instant results. Try experimenting with these other whitening products.

Seek out professional treatment

Professional treatment could be a fast and permanent option for those eager to whiten their teeth. Veneers are the most popular options when it comes to whitening teeth – many dental clinics are able to fit these for you. Laser whitening is another more modern option that could also be worth looking into – only certain clinics may offer this treatment.

Cut down on sugar
When considering any whitening method, it’s important to also consider the things that may have discoloured your teeth in the first place. Sugar is the biggest cause of tooth discolouration and tooth decay and you should make efforts to reduce your intake if you want to keep your teeth white in the future. Soft drinks are the main offender – when drinking these, we tend to swill the liquid around our mouths which coats every tooth in sugar. Try to opt for low-sugar soft drink options when you can or cut them out entirely (you could be better off drinking more water, as water helps to clean the teeth). As for sugary snacks, try to keep these as treats.

What other tricks do you swear by for whitening your teeth?

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