30 Days To Longer & Thicker Hair

Ever since I first bleached my hair, my hair had never been the same: broken, fragile and thin. Not to mention it gets to a certain length and won’t grow any further and I’ve tried everything from hair growth shampoo to an egg white mask. My hair was not having any of it! A few months back I decided to turn my hair from an all-over platinum blonde to ombre – keeping the platinum but making the roots much darker. Since then I vowed to try anything that promises longer & thicker hair, and this is where HairRev comes in, tablets that promise noticeable results after just 30 days. When asked to review the tablets I knew I couldn’t wait to try it out and let you all know what I though!

hair rev hair growth tablets

What the heck is HairRev? In short, they are vitamin supplements that encourage hair growth from within your body. This is probably the only method of hair growth I hadn’t yet tried after wasting so much money on hair shampoos and masks that promised results but ended up being a complete flop. This also means no matter your hair type or condition, these should work for you! You take 3 tablets a day and can chose from a 1 month, 2 month or 3 month supply in order to transform your damaged and short locks.

What is in it and how will it really help my hair?

  • Biotin: This key supplement helps to improve keratin level in your body, which leads to healthy growing hair. It improves hair elasticity and protects the hair from dryness. It also helps thicken the hair to give the appearance of fullness. No wonder why we’ve added it in our formula!
  • Zinc: It helps to keep the hair follicles strong, maintaining your hair strong.
  • Calcium: Of all the minerals your body contains, calcium is the most abundant. It is essential for many bodily processes, including healthy hair growth. The calcium in your hair helps to stimulate communication between cells, thereby promoting hair growth and healthy follicles.
  • Folic Acid: This is important in maintaining the colour of your hair and promoting hair growth.
  • Vitamin B: Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12 are all antioxidant and all play a vital role in healthy hair growth. Deficiency in these vitamins can lead to hair loss, so you’d better be taking them seriously!
  • Vitamin A: This vitamin is another antioxidant, great for your hair and scalp health as it prevent it to dry out.
  • Vitamin C:  Vitamin C deficiencies can cause hair that is weak, lusterless, and prone to breakage. And that’s the opposite of what we are looking for!
  • Vitamin D: It helps the body absorb calcium (which is great as our formula also has calcium!) and prevents hair shedding.

hair growth tablets

My Results:


The lighting makes my hair look darker – it is still as white!

I feel that the above image doesn’t give this product enough credit! My hair honestly feels so much more healthy and longer after a one month course of HairRev tablets. At first I often forgot to take the tablets until I set a reminder on my phone and I never forgot after that. The hair growth doesn’t look particularly dramatic but for my hair to grow at all after years of bleaching and abuse, I’m left extremely impressed and will be ordering more of these in my quest to reincarnate my hair. My boyfriend has commented on how much healthier my hair looks and feels and if anyone is oblivious to my hair, it’s him! I’ve also had no split ends since starting the course of tablets which is essential in encouraging your hair to grow even longer even when the tablets have finished. I also found that these helped my brows fill out a lot more quickly (again, after years of abuse with tweezers) and now I’m able to have a much thicker shape. I am so impressed with the results! If you’re looking for noticeable results, don’t bother spending hundreds on false promises that are on shampoo, conditioner and mask bottles when you can give your body the vitamins to tell it to grow your hair. This is a much healthier alternative and will save you so much money in the process. I wish I had tried this method before as my hair has never felt better!

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Be sure to let me know if you’re thinking of trying these out or if you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments and I’ll be sure to reply to them all! Longer & thicker hair has never been so achievable – I’m going to be ordering more tablets and I know you won’t regret trying them too!

Amy x


*these products were sent to me to review however all opinions are my own, click here to read my full disclaimer.
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