21 Thoughts of Every Beauty Blogger

Thoughts of a Beauty Blogger

I have never really realised just how much beauty blogging has changed the way I approach things. When I went shopping with my sister the other week, I came back and realised just how different my attitudes to shopping, makeup and the things I then have to do after I shop has dramatically altered since having my own space online where I rant and rave about different beauty items. This reflection inspired todays of ’21 thoughts of every beauty blogger’ – how many will you be guilty of?

1. You know what I need to get when I go shopping? More makeup ‘cos I don’t have enough already!

2. Ooh 2 for 1 in Boots, I’ll abuse this, ‘cos I’m technically SAVING money.

3. Okay so what have I read that dupes high end?

4. Every blogger and their dog has this foundation.. it must be worth the money *adds to basket*


6. £40 in Boots spent, but look how much I got – winning!

7. MAC – so many choices and it is a bit intimidating, let’s go to the lipsticks and take it from there.

8. Ohh I NEED this nude, again, ‘cos I haven’t got enough of those already.

9. Oooh this swatch is beautiful, and this, and this…

10. I’ll go pay for this without any of my friends/family near me so they don’t judge me.

11. £90?! I’ll pretend I’m not internally crying and act as if it’s a steal – eats rice for the rest of the month.

12. So many products but I CAN’T open any of them until I do a haul post.

13. Oh but there is no natural light.

14. Also my flowers have withered.. I need new props… Primark rings where art thou?

15. Okay, new day, new lighting.. let’s do this.


17. Editing done three hours later, now to write the post…

18. Is this too long? Is this too short? Will anyone even read it?

19. … this will have to do.

20. Okay one post scheduled, I feel like Queen B.. I’ll schedule more often..

21.Well, I’m out of ideas… I’m rubbish at this.. How do people blog daily? *cries*

So there we have the 21 thoughts every Beauty Blogger has. My shopping attitudes has changed like crazy, years and years ago before I developed a passion for makeup and other beauty products I’d even begrudge buying anything over £3, because I didn’t really get how different products offered different things and the importance of certain ingredients for the longevity of your makeup look. Now, I own a couple of hundreds worth of makeup (oh it’s terrible when you reflect on just how much you have spent!) but it’s such a passion not only using them but writing about new products in my collection. I wouldn’t change it for the world!

So what did you score out of 21? Let me know in the comments, plus if there are any other changes I’ve missed be sure to write them in the comments too so we can all read through them and laugh at just how guilty we have become!

Amy x

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