21 things at 21

I was thinking back to when I was younger and how I imagined I would be like at the age of 21, which has inspired me to write this post ’21 things at 21′ that are the terrible truths about being this age, many that ten years ago I’d never imagine. I’m sure I’m not the only one?

21 things at 21

  1. I have more clothes to sleep in than to go out with and that is okay.
  2. I never realised ‘the Monday dread’ feeling until now and it is real, so, so, real.
  3. I always imagined I’d be out all the time when in reality I try to bail on almost all of my plans.
  4. I imagined I’d be driving by now and feel as though Jay from inbetweeners is going to drive past me every day when waiting for the bus.
  5. I imagined I’d be in a 9am -5pm job, Monday to Friday. In reality I have 6am-6.45pm or 11am – 10.45pm day and have worked more Saturdays than not.
  6. Friends are beginning to get married and have kids and all I care about is if there is a tub of Ben and Jerry’s in the freezer (cookie dough, obviously).
  7. Owning appliances such as washing machine, fridge and freeze is exciting but makes you feel so old.
  8. Having to start thinking about incorporating a night time skin care routine into my evening to prevent ageing instead of just using a makeup wipe is a terrible tragedy.
  9. Every day is a race on how quickly you can get into bed, staying up all night is a total dread.
  10. I imagined I’d have an amazing fashion sense by now, it’s as far as “Does this come in black?”
  11. I remember thinking I’d wear a full face of makeup, wear hair extensions daily whilst looking amazing where in reality it’s a constant struggle of whether to stay in bed longer or put makeup on, let alone put effort into my hair.
  12. Having to ignore three quarters of your pay cheque as it goes on rent, bills ect, not the constant shopping trips I once imagined.
  13. Saying things and pausing as you realise you sound EXACTLY like your mother.
  14. I thought I’d always being out, partying every weekend, in reality it has been three months since a night out and Netflix (without the chill) always wins.
  15. I’m so pleased I’ve been in a long term relationship as I imagined my twenties being full of ‘flings’ and thank god it isn’t as I don’t have time for that (nor the effort to make myself look even a little bit presentable)
  16. Following the previous – I have not shaved my legs in three weeks and counting…
  17. I though I’d always be really active: running, cycling, surfing and all that. No. I surf the internet and walk up and down my stairs at home – does that count?
  18. I have a beautiful house younger me would be proud of, but I’m so lazy, I wish I could go back and enjoy my mum and dad do everything for me again. Adulting requires effort I just don’t have.
  19. Having exotic foods is something I always wanted to enjoy as a fussy child. Meals consist of pizza, chicken, chips and pasta on a continuous cycle. Sorry not sorry.
  20. When I was younger I always wanted to keep a journal in my twenties to show my kids how exciting my life is, which would be a boring, routine-full journal of my long days at work with the occasional flutter of having mac and cheese for dinner. People ask why I don’t weekly vlog and this is why.
  21. I always wanted to be close to family and thank them every day for being there and thankfully this is one I have kept to my word. Nothing is more important in my eyes.

How does your life compare at 21 compared to how you imagined it would be? Have anything to add to my 21 things at 21?

Amy x

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