My 2017 goals

Think less “new year, new me” and more that a new year provides the opportunity to seek new opportunities and have a fresh perspective, because, you can. For me, this year going to all be about saying “yes” to said new opportunities and growing myself as a person. If you are nosey, like I, and would like to see what my 2017 goals are then keep reading….

2017 goals

1. Caring Less
Easier said than done, but I’m always a victim of the possibility of judgement in anything I do: from work to makeup to putting myself out there. The world can be a scary place. Everyone and their mum seems to be blogging/talking/instagramming the book, ‘The Art of Not Giving a F**k’ but I don’t need a book to tell me to be more confident. I need to be less scared and say “Fuck it, I’m going to do it anyways!” – definitely one of the 2017 goals I need to stick too more than most.

2. Passing my Driving Test
I had my first test in December and although I only got 7 minors (major improvement on my fail of a mock exam that concluded with 21 minors) I got stuck behind a lorry which meant I failed as I couldn’t see a junction was ahead. So frustrating, but with a second test approaching rapidly, I REALLY want to pass as not only will it make me more independent, it will also knock off 2 hours A DAY off my commute to work. Heck, I’m motivated. Come at me test #2 (feel free to get #pray4Amy trending, cos, I need all the help I can get!)

3. Develop my Creativity
I love working on my creativity: learning new techniques, creating a personal style and always learning new ways of using my camera to make images look better. 2017 for me is a chance to up the game, to try new things and experiment to make my images and videos better and more engaging. This will start with photography. As something I studied from Sixth Form to University, I have years of advanced knowledge I need to start using. Expect to see a difference (hopefully) very soon!

4. Film/Blog More
Alas, the age old debate of never feeling like you do enough. When I’m motivated I can schedule two weeks of posts in one evening whilst also filming a video. Other nights, I like to watch rubbish TV (soz, TOWIE, I don’t mean to offend) and eat an entire bar of dairy milk. Shits given? None. But really, I should creative a *very mini* schedule to ensure it isn’t weeks for a new post. I also need to do this with filming videos, which I am surprised to REALLY enjoy at the moment. It’s fun. I want to ensure to be doing a video every week without fail and perhaps vlog more on my YouTube channel?

5. Do What Makes Me Happy
My motto for this year is – “If it made you happy at the time, then you won’t regret a thing!” There is so much pressure in the world to succeed at work, have an amazing house, have a relationship that people adore and always make the right decisions. Does that even happen in real life? No, no it doesn’t. It’s okay to be selfish and make the wrong decisions if it makes you happy!

I of course will also be trying to also be healthy but I feel like making it a resolution is a curse, instead I’ll make healthier choices instead of going on a 3 day diet on laxative teas. I want 2017 to be a memorial one! 2016 on a personal level was a fantastic year, with a lot of big decisions and life changing choices took place and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I can’t wait to see what will come of this year.

What will you be doing this year differently? Any 2017 goals?

Amy x

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