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A new year wouldn’t be right without setting goals for 2016 to aspire to keep over the next 12 months. I done really well keeping to all  most of my resolutions last year (see how I got on here), but I know 2016 is going to be a great year with milestones such as mine and Rich’s 3 year anniversary, finishing uni, hopefully moving back to Devon with a flat and a new job to go back too. Instead of setting resolutions, I’ve set myself a series of goals to drive towards to ensure this year is one of the best yet.

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Be more confident / this is one I have struggled with all my life. I do not believe I am good enough to do something and really struggle with self belief. When graduating, I’m going to be applying for jobs in marketing which is one of the most competitive fields and so I’m going to have to confidently put myself forward to showcase the skills I have over others. This is going to be really difficult but I am determined to get into the career I have aspired towards for so long and confidence is key.

Take all opportunities / this links with the latter. Being offered an opportunity from attending an event to having an interview, being successful is all about networking and building relationships. I am determined to make it to a few blogging events this year and meet the lovely girls and guys that have supported me for over a year as well as introduce myself to new people.

Save as much as possible / yes, these goals are all about adult-ing a lot better than I have basically. My blog is a showcase of just how much I have spent on cosmetics, bath products and other miscellaneous items but putting myself on a spending ban (completely on make-up unless I run out of a necessity e.g. concealer). This year I want to start driving, if Rich and I move we will need to pay a deposit and moving is never cheap with needing a van, new furniture and home comforts. Less spending, more saving.

Finish uni off with a bang / I can’t believe I have only a few months of Uni left. It seems like I’ve been counting down for the past two and a half years but I am not okay with the prospect of not seeing Molli as frequently as I do. I want to use the remaining time to enjoy London lofe as well as work as hard as possible for as good as a grade as I can get. My course is challenging and has had it’s problems but this is my ticket to getting a job I love.

See my blog grow / Of course I could not leave my little old blog out of this. There was a bit of beef on Twitter the other day about bloggers only caring about numbers and statistics to measure success. This is not at all true and enjoying what you do and having passion about your content is paramount and most of the bloggers I know are much like me with this mindset. That said, I am always looking to better myself and the things I create and numbers are a measurement of that in blogging. I believe blogs grow naturally and I love seeing new faces supporting my content as well as those who were there right from the start and I would love to hit new milestones. I am also thinking of changing my template – let me know what you think!

Move forward with Rich / As mentioned, we will both hopefully be moving back to Devon from London this year should our plans work out. This is going to see me putting a lot of trust on him being in charge in finding us a place to live and a new job back at home. We would have been together for 3 years in February and although we are both totally content living as we do now, change is coming and we will be taking the next step in our relationship. This is scary, but equally I would not want to do this with anyone else.

Be healthier / This is probably in everyone’s resolutions and quite possibly already broken. I however need to be healthier in the sense of eating meals more regularly, eating more fruit and exercising more frequently. I am a sucker for snaking and reach dinner and never feel hungry. When Rich is at work I rarely cook for myself either and I need to start. It’s not good for my health or my mind. Healthy meals and a better routine is much needed.

new year goals

I love setting goals and aspiring towards them. They’re healthy for personal progression and essential in seeing growth. Setting resolutions you can maintain is also very important. No-one is going to become Kate Moss overnight after giving up carbs. Keep them achievable and realistic.

Have you set yourself any resolutions/goals for the upcoming year? I’d love to know what they are!

Amy x

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