12 days of Frizz Ease

If you’ve been around here for a while, you know that my love for Christmas is oh-so real. I may be 23 now (boo) but the excitement of sparkly lights, a decorated Christmas tree and the intense smell of cinnamon on a cold day feels me with so much joy. Enough about me and a little bit more about the exciting campaign John Frieda have asked me to participate on – the 12 days of Frizz Ease, where 12 bloggers celebrate one of their most popular collections, Frizz Ease. John Frieda is a brand that I’ve loved ever since earning my own money as a teenager and splurging on hair care and I vow they are to thank for my hairs health even though I’m sure with all the bleaching it should have fallen out years ago.


Frizz Ease

Why Frizz Ease? It’s a range that so many people can benefit from; regardless of if you have mildly frizzy hair from colouring to insanely curly hair. With my straight hair that is damaged from bleach, I’ve relied on this to make my hair look sleek and shiny. With a focus on gorgeous locks at an affordable price, I’m so excited to share what I’ve been loving at the moment in a little more detail.


Frizz Ease

Secret Agent Touch-Up Creme: One of the standout products that I use daily which seems fitting for the campaign as I genuinely love this to transform my dry and lifeless hair. This is a super versatile smoothing creme that makes hair appear shiny and silky, and let’s face it, who doesn’t want that in the winter? I use this mainly on flyaways when I have my hair up or on split ends when my hairs down to banish frizz. Although my hair isn’t completely out of control with frizz, I see such a difference with this so if you have intense frizz and haven’t tried this yet, you really should! Apply to dried hair for best results. I rub a small amount of the creme between my palms and let it spread evenly across my hands, once completed, I spread this in the layers of my hair focussing on the ends to make my hair look sleek and help my split ends look non-existent. I’ll then use the excess on the top of my hair to make flyaways smooth. Literally love it so much!

John Frieda Frizz Ease

John Frieda Frizz Ease

There’s also a whole load more products in the range that I also use as part of my everyday hair routine. In the winter, when my hair is particularly brittle and dry, the Frizz Ease forever smooth shampoo and conditioner is a life saver. They act as a less intense version of the creme in helping to prevent frizz. I often use the 10-day primer before washing my hair with the shampoo and conditioner, to really help the ingredients reach their full potential. All of these products work so wonderfully together and make such a difference even after just a couple of uses!

It may be the 12 days of Frizz Ease, but my goodness, I’ll be using these all throughout the rest of the countdown to Christmas and into 2018!

Have you ever tried these before? Let me know!

Amy x


*these products were sent to me in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own, read my full disclaimer to find out more.


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