10 reasons why I’m excited Summer is almost over

No matter whether I’m living in the city or next to a handful of beautiful beaches, my love/hate relationship with the Summer continues. I’m all for the positivity it encourages and the good vibes that seem to come from having longer days but there are notable reasons why I’m excited Summer is almost over – want to know more?

reasons why I'm excited Summer is almost over

  1. I’m excited for longer nights and rubbish weather; being in an office for 8 hours a day whilst it’s sunny is the actual worst whereas I don’t mind being there when the weather is crap.
  2. Oh how I won’t miss people constantly talking about how nice the weather is and how they’ve been enjoying it. Stop. Please.
  3. My entire wardrobe of black attire will no longer be totally inappropriate.
  4. I spend 3 hours of any working day on a bus and when it’s hot it is horrid; sweating, smelly people and those that refuse to open the window.
  5. The makeup I spend almost 45 minutes on will no longer melt off my face as soon as I leave the house and my skin should stop getting as oily.
  6. My instagram feed is full of everyone spending the summer travelling,going on amazing holidays and heading to festivals which makes you depressed as you’re stuck in the same routine.
  7. Sitting inside is frowned upon, I miss being a recluse hiding away in the corner.
  8. I hate bees and wasps and they have seemed to follow me all season – Go. Away.
  9. Having to shave my legs more than once a month to wear shorts or a skirt is tragic.
  10. I can finally use the 3/4’s of my wardrobe that are full of jumpers instead of the expectation of dresses – hallelujah!

Are you more of a summer or winter person? I hope you enjoyed reading the reasons why I’m excited Summer is almost over!

Amy x

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