10 new fashion buys you need to invest in now for the new season

Fashion is fun, but it does move fast – which is why you need to invest in some of the most amazing new season buys now. There is something for everyone in the new season, but by shopping smart you can buy pieces that won’t just do for the season, but that will serve you throughout the year (and even beyond).

There are so many new styles coming in 2018 it’s difficult to narrow them down, and even narrowing it down to just one season is a challenge.

 10 new fashion buys you need to invest in now for the new season

  • Ruching

This isn’t your mum’s ruching, it’s a style choice that mimics corsetry but without that uncomfortable restrictions. It’s set to hit dresses, tops, skirts, and maybe even more. Don’t miss out on this fashion phenomenon, you’ll regret it. Better yet, you can work it into a formal look or dress it down for a casual affair.

  • Flared Trousers

More specifically denim – either way, they are back and you should expect the comeback to be fierce. This is a great opportunity to bring out your clunky high heels, platform shoes or favourite heeled boots. In fact, there are a few items on this list that will go perfectly with your flared trousers.

  • Asymmetrical Necklines

Get ready to work on your fashion skills, because this one may require a bit of flair. It’s worth it, though because it is one stylish look, whether it’s a dress or a top.

  • Boots

Not just any boots, but boots that are bold. Whether you prefer thigh-high velvets or you want a more embroidered style. Boots are a fashion must. The beauty of boots is that they’re great with jeans, flats or even a skirt or dress if you know how to style them just right. It worked for Taylor Swift.

  • Scrunchies

If you asked 90s kids what fashion trend they were glad to see the back of and that would probably never come back around… a lot of them would probably have said scrunchies. Here’s the thing… they’re coming back and now is the time to stock up on every colour and style you can imagine. You’re going to want one to match every outfit you own. Seriously.

  • Dark Denim

Last year we saw the return of the acid washed blue jeans and this season we see dark denim coming back into play. Better yet, double denim is completely acceptable and some of the latest looks we have seen include denim tuxedos, pantsuits, and more! Don’t worry, you can still wear those light wash denims if you feel like it, it’s just not going to tick the fashion boxes like the darker shade will.

  • Fringes

Whether it’s your jacket, t-shirt, sleeves or your dress – shreds are going to be all the rage. So, don’t be afraid to embrace fringes of all varieties. While it’s traditionally the look of festivals across the world, you don’t have to wait for the big one or even for a festival to roll around to rock one of your favourite styles. Why not combine your fringed top with dark denim flared trousers, a matching scrunchie, and some sweet boots. Perfection.

  • Wear A Rainbow

Not just multi-coloured pieces, but patterns, too. Mismatching has never been cooler than it will be this year. While once upon a time, you would have been frowned upon for wearing multi-coloured stripes layered over polka dots, now it’s a chic look that will turn every head.

  • Lavender

No, not the plant – the colour. Start buying your favourite fashion pieces in shades of lavender because it’s already making waves on the catwalk. Whether it’s knitwear or suiting, it’s in, in a big way. White suiting is also set to be massive, so if you can incorporate both into your work clothing then you will absolutely be the most fashionable person in the office.

  • Rubber

No, I’m serious. This isn’t just a jacket or a pair of crocs either (though Balenciaga has created a unique pair of crocs) – it’s everything. A rubber pencil skirt, pantsuit, and even handbags. It’s a versatile material that is set to take the fashion world by storm this season (and probably long after). You might just be surprised by what rubber fashion pieces that hit the racks.

The great thing about most of these new season fashion buys is that they will serve you longer than just this season. These are pieces you can wear for years to come and still maintain your style. Sure, fashion trends come and go – but style is forever. Don’t forget to check out the awesome Laura Ashley 30% Off Voucher you can get discounts on all the latest fashion trends and home décor in one fell swoop. Fashion is an investment, and these are solid ones you should start making now.

What are you most looking forward to hearing in the new season? Let me know.

Amy x

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