Alternative Ways to Control Stress

To say I have been stressed out the past few weeks is a bit of an understatement. I’ve packed my old flat up, moved 300 miles, started a job, left that job, got another new job and now have a new house all in less than two months. We often hear the message that stress has a negative impact on our minds and bodies, but research suggests (and I have found out) that brief spells of stress can actually be helpful to our well-being. Stress increases adrenaline and cortisol levels in the body meaning our ‘fight or flight’ instincts kick in making us ready to respond physically or mentally to whatever is coming our way and motivating us to succeed, which I believe I have done in the recent months. Problems arise when prolonged periods of stress take their toll, so learning some alternative techniques on how to deal with stress can be vital to staying healthy and balanced. I have managed to avoid my anxiety throughout this and I’m bloody proud of myself so I wanted to share with you how I overcame these moments where I could have developed anxiety but instead self-sufficiently overcame obstacles successfully and I hope these help you too!


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Graduation Necessities

As this goes live I WILL BE ON  MY WAY TO MY GRADUATION. I’ll probably be freaking right out at this point which is why I’ve decided to share with you all my Graduation necessities that I have packed in preparation for the big day. I’ve travelled back to London as I’ll be graduating at The Royal Festival Hall, my family and I stayed at a hotel in Central last night and so I thought it would be lovely to show you the products I had to pack to get ready for it because I’m always curious to what others would wear and love reading similar posts.


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Lightweight Summer Base Essentials

I love nothing more than a full face of make-up. Quite often, the more the better and I’m okay with that. Lately however, my skin has been getting quite dry and with the change of humidity from moving to London to Devon and the (ever-so-slightly) better weather has meant I’ve wanted my makeup to be a lot lighter. I finally feel as though I’ve got a combination of products that are working wonderfully for me in being light weight as well as making my skin look natural with a gorgeous glow. So continue reading to find out more about why these work so well with each other and why I recommend that you need them this summer.

summer base

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Summer Polishes by Essie

essie summer 2016

The summer is definitely here, even if British weather is trying to tell us other wise. With this in mind, when I was looking for a nail polish all of my collection compromised of only dark, autumnal colours. With this in mind, I was eager to try out Essie polishes for the first time and I’m not quite sure why I hadn’t before now. I thought I’d share with you the new colours in my collection from Essie as well as my thoughts on them so far.

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Taking Time Away From Blogging is Important

If, like me, you have a blog, you’re bound to spend a lot of the time you’re online looking after it, adding interesting and informative posts that will encourage ever greater numbers of readers to follow your blog. But, being an online blogger doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time online focusing only on your own blog. If you did, you’d probably end up feeling that you weren’t adding anything new to your creation anyway. While it’s important to maintain your blog on a regular basis – to give your readers a reason to keep checking in – you also need to spend some of your time online doing other things. So what can you do when you reach a blogging mental block? I’ve got some ideas on how to unwind from blogging that will ultimately help to inspire and encourage further creativity for your own personal space online!

getting blog ideas

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New Makeup Geek Eye Shadows

Ever since getting my first Z palette and single pan shadows from Makeup Geek I became hooked. A few weeks ago now Beauty Bay had half price off all Makeup Geek products and the website quickly crashed but I managed to pick up a few new Eye Shadows from it. The shadows themselves are quite cheap usually so you can only imagine my excitement when my order got confirmed and the delivery arrived, so lets take a look into the new additions to my large Z palette.

z palette update 3

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Everyday Makeup Brushes

everyday brushes 14

Ever since moving back to Devon I had to condense my makeup brush collection to the bare essentials. I had to condense my overflowing collection. So I thought today I’d share with you all the brushes I use on the daily; the ‘ride or die’ of my collection if you will…

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Why I’m Thankful I Started A Blog

Starting a blog took me so long to pluck the courage to do – What if it’s a total disaster? What is people just laugh at it? What if I can’t keep it up? What if nobody reads it? Some of the many reasons why I doubted myself. I finally took the plunge and began Blonde Amy, almost two years ago now, and after a recent job interview it surfaced just how many skills and qualities my blog has provided for me as a person and I’m so thankful for it. Queue this post. For those considering a blog or for those who already have one, have you every thought about these?

why i'm thankful I started a blog

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