Currently Trying – Grow Gorgeous Hair Care

I’ve battled with thin, lifeless hair for so long. It never grows past a certain length and after years of bleaching it (with plans to go even more blonde this week) it is extremely damaged. I have hunted for products to perform miracles and as of yet, nothing has helped. When Grow Gorgeous got in touch to try out their hair care needless to say I was incredibly excited, I’ve  seen their products on Look Fantastic before and was curious. I’m currently trying out to see if they will help my hair to grow and strengthen with their help and I thought I’d keep you all updated on how I’m finding them as I know lots of you are in a similar position and are on the hunt for gorgeous hair.Grow Gorgeous Review

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Why I’m falling in love with YouTube.

Blogging is one thing that many do and can be easy to pick up, by no means am I saying it is easy to maintain, but it has never been easier for the masses to write posts because the wonderful technology we have. Kudos to the computer. However, vlogging/making videos/whatever-the-hell you want to call was always something I admired but could never imagine doing. Putting myself out there so openly? Nah uh. Or so I thought. I made it a new years resolution in 2016 to at least give it a go. I went at it expecting to hate it and never do it again, so continue reading to see why I’m enjoying it much more than I anticipated.

Best summer makeup
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10 reasons why I’m excited Summer is almost over

No matter whether I’m living in the city or next to a handful of beautiful beaches, my love/hate relationship with the Summer continues. I’m all for the positivity it encourages and the good vibes that seem to come from having longer days but there are notable reasons why I can’t wait for the summer months to end and for winter to commence.


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Review – Artis Oval 7 Brush

If you follow me on Instagram you’d have seen me share the new addition to my makeup brush collection a few months ago but I recently realised I hadn’t reviewed this coveted brush in great depth. The Artis Oval 7 Brush ; you’ve all heard about it, you’ve all probably made up your opinion and you’ve no doubt confused it for a toothbrush on Instagram more than once. Is it worth the hype? See my full review below.Artis oval 7 review

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15 confessions of a makeup addict.

I am a makeup addict, I’ll admit. I spend a lot more money on makeup products that I probably should with many new additions to my collection providing only subtle changes to the previous. I was justifying a new eyebrow pencil that arrived in the mail the other day to Rich and he said I should write a post about all the ridiculous excuses I make to justify each product, so here it is. I can’t be the only one?15 confessions of a makeup addict

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My insecurities…

Being a blogger gives the impression you are a confident, nothing-bothers-you person but it couldn’t be far from the truth; if anything it highlights your imperfections and makes you more aware of what you dislike about yourself. I read a similar post on Dorkface’s blog (here) and it inspired me to speak about my insecurities. Will I be relieved of my personal hang ups by speaking about them? No. What I do believe is sharing something is better than hiding it away. Who knows something you dislike and hide is more common in other people than you think.

my insecurities

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Not another makeup haul?

I have a problem, I know. Another week, another makeup haul. There have been several product on my radar for quite some time. My skin has also become really oily, very quickly and so I wanted some products to suit this change. So sit back, relax and enjoy seeing how I’ve spent my money this month…

makeup haul

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