GIVEAWAY – Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette & Cocoa Contour Kit!

I can’t stop raving about the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette and Cocoa Contour Kit – so I thought I’d give you all a chance to win your very own set. I love giving something back to you all, for your incredible support, from subscribing to my YouTube channel to tweeting me to say hello, it’s appreciated so much! So to say A MASSIVE THANK YOU, I thought I’d host another competition!


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Currently Wearing: Rosefield Ams NYC Bowery Watch

As a blogger, some emails make me pinch myself. Okay, not literally, but it all gets very exciting, very quickly. I’ll set the scene: when I was seeking Christmas present wishlist ideas I came across Browns Family Jewellers. I went through the website, lusting over a range of products and then a few days later I received an email asking if I wanted something from the website as an influencer. Rarely an email gets such a quick response, but of course I did. With exciting at peak, I knew exactly what I wanted to pick – the Rosefield Ams NYC Bowery Watch! To see my thoughts, keep on reading!

Rosefield Ams NYC Bowery Watch

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10 Reasons – Why I Hate Instagram

Okay, strong title, perhaps I love to hate Instagram.. but the reasons are very justified and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way! Without Instagram we’d never document our breakfast, or share our #OOTD or even covet over thousands of makeup products in the same way. I lied, I love Instagram, I do. I spend so much time on it daily and love that it’s the most visual social media platform that is a pleasure spending time on. As a blogger, though, Instagram can be bloody annoying and I though I’d share 10 reasons why I feel this way.

why i hate instagram

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Eye Shadow Palettes I Need To Give More Love In 2017

When your makeup collection grows, naturally you’re going to neglect a few things. For me, it’s eye shadows. I collect so many palettes but find I use the same ones almost daily, leaving others collecting dust. I’m going to give these a bit more love in 2017. I thought I’d share with you my pledge to give my products more love – I’d love to hit pan on more products as I’m running out of space in my draws extremely quickly!

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Review – MAC Melba Blush

Before Christmas, I made the most of the MAC 20% off with a sneaky few purchases; one of which was MAC’s melba blush. I had coveted this for a while and I couldn’t not add it to my basket. This is going to be a blush perfect for all skin tones and eye colours, so continue reading to see why this may need to be the next blush you add to your collection!

MAC melba review

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Worth The Hype? Too Faced Cocoa Contour Kit

The hype of the Too Faced Cocoa Contour Kit is real. So real in fact, I can’t believe I’ve only just added this to my collection (shout out to Rich, actually, for getting me this for Christmas!) I’ve read/watched countless wonderful reviews about this, that I couldn’t wait to try it for myself and answer the questions: is this really worth the hype?

Too Faced Cocoa Contour Kit

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My 2017 Goals

Think less “new year, new me” and more that a new year provides the opportunity to seek new opportunities and have a fresh perspective, because, you can. For me, this year going to all be about saying “yes” to said new opportunities and growing myself as a person. If you are nosey, like I, and would like to see what my new year resolutions are then keep reading….

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Christmas Makeup You Need This Year

Christmas is only a few days away and my excitement for the day is unreal. Last year I read a lot of posts about ‘Christmas Makeup You Need This Year’ and I couldn’t wait to write my own this year! If you’re looking for the perfect makeup combination for Christmas, keep on reading…

Christmas makeup

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