Delhicious black tea body scrub review

I’m so excited to share my Delhicious black tea body scrub review with you all today as there’s finally a body scrub for those not addicted to coffee (am I really that alone?) Body scrubs have become a huge favourite over the past few years by providing exfoliation for the skin to not only make skin feel smoother but it’s also a great way to prevent streaks when tanning. Keep on reading to see if I rate or hate this new natural equivalent that has entered the market.

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Easy car maintenance tips

I’ve not been shy about documenting my car journey online, with the video about my driving test being one of my most popular on my YouTube channel. Therefore today I thought I’d share some top tips I follow for car maintenance that I hope will help both new and experienced divers alike. A lot of this was unknown to me before driving so let’s take it back to basics in today’s post.

Car maintenance


There’s a reason why MOT’s exist and it’s to ensure your car is road safe and identify any preventions to bigger issues. If you receive advisories, I’d recommend having them looked at as soon as possible to stop them causing either further problems to your car or to you when you’re driving Finding a garage you’re confident with is essential as I’ve certainly been ripped off in the past. I know Ossett Tyre House offers MOT for all classes in Wakefield if they’re local to you.

Check for worn tyres

Again, speaking from experience (I had a total blow out and had to be recovered and then had two flat tyres within four weeks of each other) checking tyres is so so important especially if you’re doing long journeys. You learn tyres should have a tread depth of 1.4mm, when you notice they are beginning to ware, I’d always recommend you get them checked and replaced so you don’t get caught out as they can cause accidents.

Oil levels

Again something from your driving test you’re reminded of but may forget to put into practice once you have a car. I always recommend checking your engine oil with the dipstick to ensure you’re never running low. It’s these little things that can make your driving experience much safer. Also, check anti-freeze and screenwash whilst you’re there. Once you’ve done it once, you’ll feel like a pro.


This one is definitely more cosmetic, but no-one told me how amazing polish works when you may have tiny scratches on the car. Get some elbow grease on it and it’ll look as good as new and no-one will know a scratch was ever there.

I hope these basic car maintenance tips help anyone who’d like to learn more about the basics of owning a car and how to stay on top of any issues before they cause problems with your car. Being in the know is much better than something suddenly going drastically going wrong!

What car maintenance tips do you have? Leave them in the comments to share with others.

Amy x



Carbon Coco Teeth Whitening Review

Teeth whitening isn’t going anywhere anytime soon thanks to Instagram and ex-Love Island contestants, and I’ve fallen victim to chasing the dream of pearly whites! I’ve been using the Carbon Coco Teeth Whitening kit (toothpaste and charcoal powder) to try and get dazzling whites and I thought I’d update you so far after testing out, morning and night, over the past few weeks. If you’re intrigued to know if these types of products really work or if they’re not worth the hype, keep on reading!

Carbon Coco Teeth Whitening

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Profusion Cosmetics has launched in the UK!

Us beauty enthusiasts know the frustration of seeing a brand in America, wanting to try it, but it not being available at a UK retailer – Profusion Cosmetics has listened and have recently launched in the UK – hooray! Known for their highly pigmented products at a low price, I was so excited to try them out for myself and share my thoughts with you all. If you’d like me to also film a look on my YouTube channel using these products do let me know!

Profusion Cosmetics

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Happy 1st Birthday Joico Blonde Life!

The Joico Blonde Life hair range has turned one; a luminous line of care and lightening products created specifically for hair that’s been bleached, double-processed, or lifted to new heights. A few months ago I tried out the shampoo and conditioner for the first time in this blog post and it was safe to say I was extremely impressed and I even gave a set away to one of my beautiful followers. I am forever changing up my haircare as I feel like my hair gets used to certain products very quickly but by changing it up all the time, I always get more out of what I’m using. Anyways, to celebrate Joico Blonde Life’s first birthday I have had a few additional products to try and review for you so keep on reading if you’re a blonde looking for a new range of products to try out.

Joico Blonde Life

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