Eco Tools haul & review

There is nothing more satisfying that new makeup brushes, and today I’m super excited to share my Eco Tools haul & review with you, as this brand seems to be standing out on the market over most recently… and it got me curious! It is so easy for YouTube/the blogging community to hype up products, so if you’re curious to see what these brushes/sponges are like, and my honest review, then this post is definitely for you!

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Joico Blonde Life hair care review & giveaway

I love writing about hair care, and collect just as much as I do makeup – I know, hard to believe. Recently Joico sent across their blonde life hair care range for me to try out (I’m sure has nothing to do with my blog name one bit) and I was very excited to try it out and I love making my hair brighter for the summer. Now fast forward a few weeks, I have fallen in love with the products, and they’re also letting one of my lucky readers win their own set of the whole collection. So keep reading on how to be with a chance of winning!

Joico Blonde Life

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Easy car maintenance checks

You guys really seemed to enjoy my latest post about how to make my old car feel new, and my driving test experience video has almost reached 10K views on YouTube, I have been asked to share additional car maintenance tips and tricks regarding how to look after a car, especially for those that have just passed their test and looking to make an older car run as new. Having a car is expensive addition, and so I’m all about living a more frugal life and do my research in ways to make it even cheaper.

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Are you getting enough sleep?

For me, sleep is the most important thing. The amount of sleep you get can determine your mood, your energy and a range of other factors that can either enhance or compromise your performance during the following day, it can also effect the way your skin looks too. I am a huge sufferer of tired looking skin, and want nothing more to have natural radiance without having to put makeup on.

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Stop body shaming

I am passionate about the need to stop body shaming. I always have been but I feel like recently I have seen more body shaming than usual and much of this takes place online. This post has been one I’ve had in my drafts for months, but never quite managed to finish, leaving the introduction blank as I couldn’t quite translate my thoughts on the subject into a sentence with a beginning and an end. Body shaming doesn’t seem to be ending so it’s difficult to conclude a subject that so many people have an opinion about, but do very little to resolve. Keep reading if you’ve ever been body shamed, if you know someone who has suffered with body shaming, or if you’ve body shamed someone else.

body shaming

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