Why I’m Thankful I Started A Blog

Starting a blog took me so long to pluck the courage to do – What if it’s a total disaster? What is people just laugh at it? What if I can’t keep it up? What if nobody reads it? Some of the many reasons why I doubted myself. I finally took the plunge and began Blonde Amy, almost two years ago now, and after a recent job interview it surfaced just how many skills and qualities my blog has provided for me as a person and I’m so thankful for it. Queue this post. For those considering a blog or for those who already have one, have you every thought about these?

why i'm thankful I started a blog

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Celebrating Summer with Yankee Candle

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you’ll know my love for candles is next level, I’m a 21 year old crazy candle lady and I have no regrets. Love Aroma have began to stock the new Spring/Summer (2016) Yankee Candle collections with one of which being the Riviera Escape Votive Set promising to provide summery scents even if the weather outside here in the UK can be a little bit miserable at times. Over the past few weeks I’ve been testing this new collection out and I couldn’t wait to share my review to you all…

yankee candle 7

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Life Lately #5 – Moving to Devon, Getting A First & A New Job!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a ‘Life Lately’ post and I feel as though a lot has happened recently making one of these posts more appropriate than ever. I also don’t feel like I’ve written up a “sit down and chat” kinda post in a while so what with the whirlwind of a month I’ve had, I thought this was the perfect time to take time out and explain exactly what I’ve been up too!


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MAC Haulin’

Oh not another haul post? But I feel like I haven’t shopped directly at MAC in quite some time and when I found out someone from my old store worked in MAC too I knew this shop was inevitable (Shoutout to Samina right here – you babe!). With help from her staff discount I went MAC Haulin’ and I don’t have a single regret as I’ve picked up quite a few items that had been on my wishlist for so long so be sure to keep reading to find out what exciting new products I have to try out… mac haul     View Post

New In Tech: Beats 2.0 Wireless Rose Gold

Todays post is a little different as I thought I’d show you the tech I’ve recently picked up in the form of Beats 2.0 Wireless in the colour Rose Gold. Now to say these have been on my wishlist for a long time is an understatement and now I have a journey to work everyday of around an hour each way I thought it wasn’t a better time to splurge on the headphones of my dreams. If you’re curious to see a little more about them, then keep on reading!

Beats 2.0 Wireless Rose Gold review

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Things I’ve Learnt From A Long Distance Relationship…

Recently I’ve moved back to Devon, ending the long distance relationship my boyfriend and I have had to have over the past few months. I’ve learnt a lot from this time apart and I wanted to share the pros and cons of it as I know when I was approaching Uni I thought we would have to do it over three years and I know many of you are going to be in a very similar position so I thought I’d shed light on my experience in the hope it helps yours too…

Pros and Cons of a long distance relationship

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#NationalSmileMonth2016 with Corsodyl


At 21, my biggest fear is still going to the dentist and it probably always will be. With that in mind, I always do what I can to keep my teeth and gums as healthy as possible to avoid a traumatic experience with the dentist which is why I was so excited when Corsodyl got in touch (a brand I love using and have done ever since my former dentist recommended them) to celebrate #NationalSmileMonth between May 16th to June 16th. We are coming close to the end and so I thought I’d share with you my top tips in keeping your mouth as healthy as possible…

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A Debenhams Beauty Haul!

debenhams beauty haul

One of the biggest things I’m already beginning to miss about the town I lived in within London was the Debenhams exactly three minutes away from my flat (totes didn’t time it, I swear.. okay, maybe I did) and so just before I left I decided to do a little Debenhams Beauty Haul just for old times really,eh? That and I was given a voucher with almost £100 on it from my previous work and had a list of new products I really wanted to try and so I saw this as the opportunity to finally add them to my basket! So keep on reading to find out exactly what I picked up…

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